There’s something about a little feather swag that makes me feel like a bohemian princess. From snap-in hair accessories to brightly-dyed feather dangle earrings to au naturel feather fringe adorning purses, tanks and bangles, a little feather added to your ensemble is likely to make you feel the same way. And if said feathers are priced under an easy $10? Well, you’ll feel like a bohemian princess in control of her wallet.

Check out my roundup of 10 fabulous feather accessories under $10 and let me know what your favorite few are in the comment section below.

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Feather Pattern Bangles

Feather Pattern Bangles, $8.80 from Forever 21
Anything that has a retro or vintage flair to it is super-trendy this year, making this graduating bangle set a winner all around. The painted-on peacock feathers are both earthy and feminine.