Fashion Week: Fall 2007 – Pantone Fall 2007 Color Forecast

The top colors for fall 2007 according to the wonderful folks at Pantone. Read the designers take on the colors for fall here.


“Think Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar”

  PANTONE® 19-1116

C 56 M 68 Y 93 K 47


Burnt Ochre

“This color would look FABULOUS on those with darker skin tones”

    PANTONE 18-1354

C 15 M 64 Y 70 K 0

Chili Pepper

“This is one of my favorite colors for Fall 2007. Pair it with black or brown”

    PANTONE 19-1557

C 21 M 100 Y 72 K 13


“Basically Teal with a fancy name”

    PANTONE 19-4316

C 85 M 46 Y 38 K 35

Shale Green

“An odd choice for fall, really more of a spring color. Pair it
with brown for more of a “fall” vibe”

    PANTONE 16-6116

C 62 M 22 Y 58 K 3


“Basically Periwinkle with a fancy name”

  PANTONE 17-3812

C 50 M 40 Y 13 K 0


Green Moss

“The color would look great as a wool swing coat”

    PANTONE 17-0636

C 48 M 36 Y 72 K 7

Lemon Curry

“A lot brighter than the more mustard yellows of previous seasons”

    PANTONE 15-0751

C 12 M 19 Y 100 K 5

Cashmere Rose

“Be very careful with this color. Can look cheap if paired with
sub-par fabric”

    PANTONE 16-2215

C 18 M 53 Y 14 K 0

Purple Wine

“I love this color and work for a variety of skin tones (from
European to Asian to African)”

    PANTONE 18-2929

C 48 M 98 Y 11 K 4

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  1. says

    I really like stargazer.  It is more than the recent teal colors in style, it has great grayish undertones.  Very fresh…

    I wish I could wear red…

  2. Samantha says

    Those are gorgeous! The only one I’m not too big on is the “Dusk”.. although it matches, it looks very out of place with the more muted tones. It’d look great with the Carafe though.

  3. TBF says

    I’m not a brown girl and brown is VERY big for next fall.. However I love pretty much all the other colors- especially stargazer and purple wine..

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