Celebrity Style Deconstructred – Demi Lovato


4. Scarlett Lips

Demi Lovato Lips Credit: Fox2/BJJ2/Flynet; Credit: Ringo/Pacific Coast News; Tom Pennington/Getty

We’re glad to see that Demi ascribes to one of our favorite glamour choices: the red lip. There’s nothing like a bold swirl of crimson to make a girl feel well put together, wherever she may be. In Demi’s case, that could be on the red carpet (see #2 – Hot Pink Dresses), at the airport or supporting her beloved home state of Texas. Where will your red lips take you?

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    Having a sense of fun or whimsy, keeping things fresh is an important aspect of not just fashion, but of life. When you’ve adopted that attitude towards life, it can only be reflected in style and fashion choices…it would be impossible to resist!

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