Claires Site Review

At TBF we are obviously obsessed with providing our readers with content relevant to their everyday lives. We know we’re real people and so are you, so we’re always happy to find other sites that do the same.

Our Review: If you know Claires–and most people probably do–you likely only think of stores filled with inexpensive-but-cute jewelry and accessories. Well now, it seems they’re revamping their image, or maybe just refining it, with their new site interactively geared toward preteen and teen girls and women.

If you visit you aren’t going to find a basic e-commerce site filled with pages and pages of jewelry as you might expect. Now, there are full-on style blogs written by and for teens. Claire’s features a handful of young women who blog about their fashion lives and choices. These teens are real, just like the girls we all grew up with, and Claire’s audience will definitely relate to this. And what’s really cool for aspiring fashion bloggerettes, is that they have the opportunity to get involved and become a featured blogger for the site.

In addition to these blogs, there are professional fashion posts that to inspire the audience to get creative with their wardrobe and beauty picks. Claire’s posts up-to-date info around the holidays (like Halloween, coming up) and on emerging trends, all geared toward a younger group of girls. And of course, Claire’s budget-friendly accessories are available for all of us to buy, no matter what our age.

We think it’s important that teens and preteens have a hub on the web where they can find fashion specifically geared toward their lives, and Claire’s is both style savvy and age and taste appropriate for the junior high or high school girls.

Verdict: We say Yea on behalf of all the budding Budget Fashionistas out there!

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