Should I Buy a Fake Handbag?

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Raise your hand if you dream of owning a designer handbag? Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Prada – they’re all stunning, to die for, fab and all the rest of it. Now, raise your hand if spending $1000+ on a purse is out of the question for your lifestyle and budget. It’s such a small percentage of the population who can afford to spend that kind of money on an accessory that it’s perfectly understandable why a good knockoff would hold a whole lot of appeal, not to mention your wallet, your cell phone and your makeup case.

They are also fairly easy to procure; the Internet makes it easy to find them and if you ever find yourself in a certain city, THE city to a lot of people, down a street called Canal, there is stall after stall that look relatively harmless until your inside and someone whispers one (or all) of the aforementioned designers names if your ear and before you can say “Louis” a door opens where there was once just a wall and you are whisked into a secret room that looks a lot like handbag heaven.

Every designer name you can think of is staring back at you and each and every one of them could be yours for just two or tree digits. Your eyes glaze over and their siren song begins pulling at your mind, rationalizing this amazing score until your reaching for your wallet…

The only real problem is that what your doing (or about to do) is illegal. Even though the prices are exhorbitant, designer bags should be just that: made by the designer, not copied.

Still, this moral dilemma does nothing to soothe your desire for designer. We completely agree, understand and concur. There is something totally captivating about owning brand name goods. But there are other ways. Ways that, though they might take some patience and persistence, are all one hundred per cent above board and won’t fill you with potential shame and regret the morning after.

Should You Buy a Fake Handbag?

1. eBay – Now even though there are quite a few fakes on eBay, you can definitely find the real McCoy on this user friendly website. Look for acronyms like “NWT” – new with tags – or “NWOT” – new without tags. Also, look for people who are “trusted sellers” on eBay, meaning they have a good reputation and positive consumer feedback. eBay is also a great place to look for “pre-owned” or second hand luxury bags, just be sure to inspect all the photos and email the seller if you have any questions about the bag’s condition, as most pre-owned sales are final.

eBay Should I Buy a Fake Handbag?

TIP – Be sure to ask if the bag was previously owned by a smoker, or has been stored around or – good god – with mothballs. Those smells are virtually impossible to get out.