How to Wear Yellow: Fall Fashion Trend 2011

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Yellow, whether it’s mustard or marigold, is one of this fall’s hottest color trends. Along with its partner orange (which is seriously EVERYWHERE this fall), the bright hue is adding a bit of optimism to wardrobes that are otherwise dominated by lots of gray and even more black….


We like it! Just because our bank accounts may be a bit depressed, that doesn’t mean our closets have to be down in dumpster as well. We give some tips below on how to add a bit of yellow into your wardrobe.

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  • I am loving yellow right now. From home decor to clothing, yellow is definitely having its day in the sun (pun intended).

  • Dani

    I look better in cool colors and can’t wear marigold or mustard, but there are “cool” yellows – like sherbet lemon yellows. They just need to be “icy” yellows.

  • Kam

    Not all warm-toned gals have it easy… I’m pale and warm (and slightly green/olive), and there isn’t a yellow that agrees with me. Yellows make me look more yellow and very sickly. I love the color of that sweater though.

  • Marian the Librarian

    I think yellow is a difficult color to wear because you really have to have the right complexion. We ladies with cool complexions can’t wear it next to our faces IMO. I do like that butter color on the purse however! I’m thinking a yellow patent belt would be hot.