How to Make Your Own Apron Hanger and/or Holder

Aprons are a fun and fabulous way of staying clean and adding style to your daily routine. From the garden to the garage and the kitchen, aprons can protect you and help you out with those handy dandy little pockets.

We found some great DIY apron ideas and patterns from all over the web, just for you. Also, when you are done making that apron, make sure you hang it in style. Design*Sponge has a lovely DIY patterned key rack, perfect for hanging aprons and pot holders.

Here are two how-tos for making a creative apron hanger for your kitchen.

How To Make Your Own Apron Hanger


  • Sturdy plastic hanger
  • 3M hook
  • Magazine cut outs and fun paper scraps for decoupage
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush


1. Lay your hanger on newspaper and coat with a thin layer off Mod Podge.

2. Gently wrap your decoupage paper around your hanger.

3. Snip of excess paper.

4. Repeat process until your hanger is covered.

5. Let it dry for 20 minutes and then coat with Mod-Podge.

6. Once your hanger is dry, hang it in your kitchen from a 3M hook and tie your aprons on it for a fun easy apron holder.

Apron Holder

This project was inspired by The Primrose Way blog’s own apron holder (pictured above). We just love the creativity!


  • Long strip of wood
  • Paint
  • Close pins
  • Screws and screwdriver
  • String or ribbon


1. Paint the piece of wood.

2. When dry, screw the close pins onto the piece of wood. (The top of a close pin has two prongs. Only screw in one prong, leaving the other free to open and close the close pin to hang your apron.)

3. Tie your ribbon around the ends and hang from your wall.

Apron Round-Up

Picture courtesy of Primrose Way blog.

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