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How to Wear Blue Eyeliner

Blue eyeliner usually elicits two reactions: “Oh the eighties!” or “LOVE it, bring it on!” If you fall into the first category and even remember using blue eyeliner like there was no tomorrow in the eighties, perhaps storing it in your Kaboodle and putting it on at your locker mirror so mom didn’t know, maybe it’s time to reconsider.

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Blue eyeliner doesn’t have to be a time machine Back to the Future, it can be a sexy way to add dimension to your face in a dramatic way or even subtly.

Must Know Tips for Wearing Blue Eyeliner

Not Just for Blue Eyes


There’s a common misconception that you should match your eyeliner to your eye color, but the opposite is often more true. Using contrasting colors will make your eye color pop. In other words brown shadow and liner highlights blue eyes while the reverse is true for brown eyes and blue shadow or liner. That doesn’t mean it’s not anyone’s game. Blue eyeliner can work for all eye colors. The key here is to use a contrasting colored shadow so as to let your liner do the major talking. Charcoal grey, gold or brown toned shadows best maximize a blue liner.

Upper Lid Accent

Upper Lid

Trace only the upper lid with blue liner for a more classic take. The level of drama is all in the thickness. For a work-appropriate version, go for a thin lining and a gentle blue like the Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner by Stila for $20.00. For a night on the town, go thick and bold, using the liner almost as freely as shadow. You can up the ante on the color with a brighter and more electric blue like Aqua Eyes by Make-up Forever for $19.00 or the Jumbo Liner by Sephora for $14.00. To add even more wow factor to your blue eyeliner, you can trace the blue with another color like gold or black to make everything stand out all the more.

Lower Lid Accent

Lower Lid

For a more daring look, line only the lower lid with blue eyeliner. On your upper lid choose brown or grey tones of shadow so that the blue below, really pops. Again, the thickness matches your dare-o-meter. Thin means you may be able to pull it off at work, while thick means you’re hitting the club. For a work-worthy look, try Clinique’s Quickliner for $16.50, its small radius makes it foolproof. For your night owl look, go big or go home with Yves Saint Laurent Yeux Haute Tenue for $30.00, the extra wide tip will give you the instant drama you crave.

Call Me Cleopatra

Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra

How far you decide to go with the liner also dictates your level of drama. When playing it safe, keep the liner along the eye’s width only. For a bolder look, continue the line out farther – or even all the way a la Cleopatra.

Take Celebrity Cues

Celebs Blue Eyeliner

Need some inspiration for celebs who rock blue liner like the best of ’em? Take it from Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Jessica Biel.