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Celebrity Style Deconstructed — Clémence Poésy

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Clémence Poésy is currently one of the “It” girls of the Parisian fashion world. Her status continues to rise, as she is not only known as a woman of impeccable taste, but as a very talented actress as well.

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We know her on this side of the pond as Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter franchise. She also starred in “127 Hours” with James Franco and played Chuck Bass’ French girlfriend on “Gossip Girl.” She also took her talents to Broadway in “Cyrano de Bergerac.”

And she does it all keeping her personal style well intact: tweeds, tights and trés lady-like silhouettes are her preferred fashion picks. Want to find out more about the practically perfect Parisian beauty? Read on.

The Style of Clemence Poesy

Chain Strap Bags

clemence poesy style 1

Giving her classic style a bit of edge, Clémence loves her chain-strap bags almost as much as she loves tweed.

The beauty of a great chain-strap is that it offers versatility. You can carry it on your shoulder or across your body, it goes with everything from jeans and a t-shirt or an evening frock, and can stand in for a little extra bling if you’re not inspired to accessorize your outfit with too much jewelry. But the thing we love most about the chain strap bag? It never goes out of style.

Black Tights

This may seem like not the most fashion-y style choice. But now that winter is upon us, tights must be an integral choice for any lady-like lover of fashion.

clemence poesy style 1

The key is to choose wisely. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more, or at least buy in multiples. Better to have three solid pairs than to find yourself with a leg full of runs on your lunch hour without a pair to spare. This is an investment well worth making. For those of you who are not necessarily pant-less inclined in the colder temps, we encourage you to embrace your inner lady! Let Clémence be your inspiration!

Ankle Strap Shoes

clemence poesy style 1

When you are the owner of a stunning pair of getaway sticks (aka legs), why not show them off with a little extra embellishment slightly north of your ankles? Clemence clearly favors this style, as she should. The ankle straps draw the eye down and shows off one of her (many) beautiful features.

Changing Hair Color

Have you ever felt like coming up with yet another new outfit (or spending money on one for that matter) doesn’t provide you with quite as much ooomph as you’re craving? Why not take it one well-heeled step further and shake up your hair color?

clemence poesy style 1

There are so many great affordable options these days that a trip to the salon is most certainly not necessary. Make sure to take your skin and eye color into account when picking your perfect shade and if you’re not sure which direction you want to go — lighter, darker, fiery red — then bring a friend along with you for moral support and a second opinion. You know what they say about two heads, right?

Tweedy Knits

Keeping the feminine feeling going, Clémence is often seen wearing tweed – this girl loves her some Chanel and who can blame her? Whether it’s a smaller gauge traditional black and white jacket or a chunkier knit red version, this look is definitely one of our faves!

clemence poesy style 1

Clémence Poésy is most certainly one to watch. Lady-like style for dress-up and red carpet events, a little more BoBo (Bohemian Bourgeois, as they say in Paris) for casual day wear, she is not afraid to be herself. Yes, she does favor traditional classic pieces. But behind those gorgeous green eyes, we see a fashion trendsetter who’s not afraid to break a few rules. We’ll be keeping our eye on you, chérie.

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