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5 Style Lessons from the TAORAY Wang Fall/Winter ’18 Collection

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New York Fashion Week is on and, as you’d expect, designers are pulling out all the stops. Colors, textures and silhouettes are merging into style statements ranging from WTF to wow, that’s fun. Smack in the middle of that spectrum is the Taoray Wang Fall Winter ’18 Collection of sexy, menswear-inspired power pieces.

The brand describes itself this way: TAORAY Wang is designed for the powerful, professional and modern woman who wants to be stylish, elegant and sexy. And I’d say designer Wang Tao is killin’ it in that regard. Monochrome women’s suits with sneakers, pleats in all the right places and selective use of color and texture to finish an outfit — it all just works.

The collection is intriguing to inspire a few rules of style that even the budget fashionista can implement (even if we cannot afford a TAORAY Wang belt).

1. Always Be a Boss

You don’t need a fancy job title to be a boss. It’s more of an attitude. Own whatever it is you do and always cultivate your confidence. Wear the stuff that makes you feel like you’re in charge, be it a power suit or a summer dress. For me, menswear-inspired pieces are very empowering. Maybe that’s a cliche, but it doesn’t really matter if it works, right?

2. Go with the Same (Color)

The TAORAY Wang FW ’18 collection stays focused on greys, blacks, reds and whites, with splashes of navy and olive. That’s it.

Limiting your wardrobe to a few select colors may seem boring, but it’s actually a good thing for the style-minded lady on a budget. Imagine how many outfits you’d have if every top in your closet could pair with every bottom in your closet. Plus, shopping is so much easier. Because you’re not wasting your energy on garments that fall outside your color wheel. And finally, you don’t get sucked into the trap of having to buy more stuff to go with that new piece you love.

3. Bring Sexy Back

You can wear men’s clothes without being, or feeling, masculine. Go ahead and don that shirt dress in a way that no man can — show some leg or cleavage or your shapely arms.

4. Waist Away

The right belt makes all the difference. If you have a longer waist, experiment with statement-making, bust-enhancing wide belts. Shorter-waisted girls can add shape with a contrasting narrow belt.

5. Say it with Shoes

You can always make a statement with shoes. Pair heels with shorts or sneakers with a suit. Do the unexpected when you’re feeling frisky and follow convention when you want to keep your head down.

Here are two shoe styles to keep on hand so you’re ready for anything.

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