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Fabric & Hue: Prep Your Summer Palette Now

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Even the most uninvolved shopper knows the basics of buying summer — you’re after lighter shades and lighter fabrics to beat the heat. For the average consumer, this means comfy and breathable cotton pieces, some linen (when you want to spiff it up) and of course, a touch of breezy chiffon for special occasions (all those outdoor weddings). These are the summer fabrics mainstays, for sure. But each year, the trends bring new fabrics, and new hues into the summer mix.

2017 is no different, with its own of-the-moment hues and textiles. This is why fashion is fun, right? Start your summer wardrobe search now, stay ahead of the curve, and scope the best prices on pieces that fashion lovers have to have!

Summer Fabrics and Hues: Trends to Watch

1. Day Glow

Hot summer fabrics - model wearing bright pink and blue dress

You’re used to choosing sweet shades for this season, whether they’re subdued pastels or saccharine brights. This year, they fall somewhere in between, courtesy of day glow. Not quite neon, these muted lilacs, oranges and sea foam greens hit somewhere in the middle of the saturation spectrum. They’re pigmented, yet soft and creamy, sort of like sherbet. Pair a few together for an all-new take on color blocking.

2. Mesh

Summer fabrics trends - coral colored cardigan in a mesh fabric

Sheer is a natural in the warmer months, and the mesh trend only further plays into activewear‘s growing role in the wardrobe. From fine netting to fabrics with bigger holes, mesh paneling or overlays will be a fun way to show a little skin, while getting some ventilation in the summer heat.

3. Cotton Khaki

Summer fabrics trends: woman wearing cotton khaki

“The fabric of our lives” will always make an appearance, but we love an upgraded khaki blend that includes some stretch — and ends up looking more like a sateen. Perfect in easy-wear bottoms or as tops in demure poplin silhouettes, this polished option is a lightweight alternative to your stiff and starchy structured pieces.

4. Nylon

Summer fabrics trends - runway model wearing brightly colored nylon outfit

The light trench has been a forever favorite for the greater part of fashion’s existence, but come summer, leave that baby to spring and swap out a nylon that mirrors more of a windbreaker. The ultra lightweight material is packable, fits with the sporty vibe of the season and will treat you right when nights do happen to get a breeze. Double points for nylon in day glow!

Get the Look

We’ve started shopping our summer palette already, and these pieces are sure to be a hit in terms of comfort and style.

1. Wearable Day Glow

2. Mesh Tunic

summer fabrics trends - bright orange tunic with mesh overlay
Multiples Solid Mesh Tunic, $69, Dillard’s

3. Cotton Poplin Shorts

4. Poly/Nylon Trench

Now, it’s your turn! Head out shopping and let us know which summer fabrics will be featured in your wardrobe.