How to Shop LOFT

The only thing better than getting to tell everyone, “Oh, I just threw this on” is actually just trowing it on– and looking amazing in it. This is why we love LOFT, Ann Taylor’s cheaper sister store. Their fashions are comfy, versatile and totally effortless (and they’re way cheaper than Ann Taylor).

We highly recommend LOFT for professional and casual fashions on a reasonable budget, but there are a few things we want you to know to get the most out of it. Read on to see the best that LOFT has to offer.

How to Shop LOFT

Looks they love

When shopping online with LOFT, shop the looks they recommend. Not only does it show you how to pair certain separates, mix and match, and accessorize, it’s just more fun. With every look you click on, fashion director Alia shares a tidbit of advice that makes you feel like you’re shopping with a personal stylist… and not just your cat.

The right fit

You know by know that one pair of pants very, very rarely looks good on everyone. The designers at LOFT know this too, so they’ve created different fits for different bodies. Beyond dividing apparel by petite fashion, woman, and tall, they offer fits for your curves as well. Choose between Julie, Ann and Marisa to find the pants that look best on you. Have more questions? Check out their fit guide online to find tons of tips for dressing your best.

For teachers only

LOFT loves teachers, so it gives them perks everyday including 15% of every purchase, exclusive giveaways and sweepstakes, access to $50,000 in grants and teacher appreciation nights. If you’re an educator, sign up online to start redeeming the rewards you’ve earned at work. Now, if only they loved bloggers that much ….

In-Store vs. Online

On occasion, LOFT features online exclusives– items you can’t find in the store. These aren’t always available, though, so check back often to see what (if anything) is new. If you don’t want to do that, just sign up for e-mail updates and wait for that information to come to you. Updates inform you of deals in stores and on the web, so you know where to shop and when. One big advantage to the online boutique? A larger selection of sale items. Also, your local retailer may not carry beach or maternity items, while you can always find those online.

Loft Safari

Style Finder

Sometimes the perfect garment is out there, but it’s tough to get your hands on, which is why LOFT offers style finder. It’s a tool that tells you which stores within a 150 mile radius of your location carry an item. If it turns out that none do, LOFT customer representatives will help move it closer to you. If the item is available in a store near you, they’ll hold it until you show up to get it.

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