How to Pop Pimples Without The Scars (You Know You’re Guilty, Too!)

Yeah, so we all pop our pimples. We’re not supposed to. Doctors say not to. Yet, each and every one of us finds ourselves staring into the bathroom mirror, fingers ready to fix those pesky problems ourselves. So, if all of us are going to do it anyway, we might as well be as safe as possible. Here are some tips to help ensure you don’t create long-lasting scars or worse health problems for your skin (although we can’t promise anything, since we’re not certified experts).

How to Pop Pimples without Leaving Scars

1. Thoroughly Wipe the Area and Use Clean Fingers

Thoroughly Wipe the Area and Use Clean Fingers


Wipe down the problem area with alcohol wipes or gentle soap. Make sure that you don’t touch your skin with your fingers after you have already wiped it down. As far as your hands, you can either wipe them with alcohol wipes as well; many others have recommended wrapping them in toilet paper so you don’t touch the skin directly. (Hey, we didn’t say this process would be classy.)

2. Pop & Stop

Pop & Stop


It’s pretty important to note that you should only be popping a pimple that actually has a whitehead. If you just have a red bump, it’s not ready yet, and you could make your skin problems much worse. So, make sure you have a whitehead, and then gently push on the outside of the pimple upward. If you push down, you could force bacteria deeper into the pore and cause an infection. Once you push, you can stop. Don’t push two or three times, because that can irritate the skin and make the problem worse.

3. Gently Clean Up

Gently Clean Up


As stated previously, there’s no need to continuously pop a pimple over and over again. One push to release the buildup should be sufficient. Then, take your alcohol wipe or damp rag and clean the area. Let it thoroughly dry and don’t wear any makeup until it’s completely closed. For this reason, it’s best to do this process at night and not right before a date or just before heading to work.

Good luck!

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