10 Hard and Fast Rules for Prom Dress Shopping

Girl trying on red prom dress in fitting room

As the prom season approaches, you’re going to want to do everything you can to find the perfect dress for the occasion. Whether your gal pals show it or not, prom dress shopping is super stressful — when it really should be fun and exciting.

Let’s get you moving forward on the fun and exciting path — read on for 10 tips to master the prom dress purchase.

Prom Dress Shopping

1. Have an Idea Of What You Want

You really don’t want to start shopping seriously without a general idea of style. Do that and you’ll end up trying on lots of options that don’t work. Which is frustrating.

Think about the styles of dresses that fit you best. If you’re not sure, ask a friend. Try on every dress in your closet and hers if you have to. This will give you an idea of what styles to look for in the prom dress hunt.

2. Don’t Get Too Picky

When you’re honing in on the right styles, stop short of deciding the exact colors or types of details. If your demands are too specific, you might end your shopping adventure without a dress for your prom. (Though you could think about a career in fashion design.)

3. Shop Online

It is vital to spend some time checking out prom dresses online. However, you’ll want to be careful where you look. Make sure that the site’s photos are unedited, as the realistic photos will help you better understand how the dresses actually fit the body. If you’re not sure, find the contact form on the site and ask.

4. Make New Friends

You’ll want to make friends with store associates. Chat it up! Ask them how they’re day’s going and take a sincere interest in them as people. You’ll find there are many perks to treating store associates with friendly respect. You might be pointed in the direction of the best deals. And, you’ll definitely get good, unbiased advice on the dresses you’re trying on.