Plus-Size Styles Coming to Target

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What: Target’s hopping on board the latest trend, stylish clothing for plus-size gals, with a new line from LA-based Pure Energy. We’re not sure why it’s taken so long for designers and retailers to appeal to the majority of female shoppers out there – most of us aren’t pencil thin – but Target’s new line is a sign of things to come for sure. This April, bigger women can look forward to Pure Energy tops, bottoms, dresses, and denim, designed just for them, at Target stores (and online). These items will be cheap, too, ranging from $16.99 to $29.99.

What They Say:

“The Pure Energy collection features brightly colored, dip-dye and burnout tank tops, flowing floral skirts and maxi-style dresses, sophisticated nightlife pieces and a variety of in-style denim including skirts, capris and jeans.”

What We Say: We think this step makes a lot of sense for Target; plus-size women care just as much about style as petite women and this fact has been neglected by the retail industry for years. However, we’re not 100% sold on the new line, which includes tops with very thin, nearly see-through material, and white white shorts. We don’t guess that will be very flattering, but once the line launches later this spring and we can try it on in the dressing room, we’ll have a better idea.

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  • greengirls

    If Target is bringing clothes like the ones pictured above they can forget it.  I’d rather pay more for better looking clothes than less for the type of clothes they are showing above.  I usually shop at Lane Bryant and wish they had more competition because their lines are becoming more predictable now. Yes, they have had some plus-sizes, but now all would fit plus size women and they don’t oreder a hugh quantity.  Therefore I would usually fine a top in my size with no matching bottom or vice versa.  Then I would not buy anything at all or would search Target’s website to try and order it if it was something I really liked.

  • @mizwoochic touche…

  • coffeebeans

    Good to know.  I’m not liking what I see in the photo but I’ll definitely check it out. I’ve been consistently disappointed in the slim pickings (no pun…) in the stores and the way that Target’s very few plus sizes are crammed in a corner, next to maternity, crowded out by racks and racks of non-plus size sale things. It is like they don’t want the plus size dollar.

    I agree with the comment below about Old Navy. They’re about to lose all my mail order business because they offer no basics and everything is baby dooll and sleeveless for spring/summer. Don’t get me started on tops with horrid banded bottoms. Hello? Plus Size? How about a nice 3/4 sleeve boatneck and a pretty tunic?

  • mizwoochic

    I applaud Target for wanting to provide their full figured customers with more choice but I’m not a fan of the clothing pictured above.  I actually think the plus size collections that Target already carries is a heck of a lot better than what’s pictured above.

  • Rocki White

    That’s good for Target to expand their plus-size lines, because it is the place where I buy most of my basics—khakis and polos.

  • liannetx

    Yes, Target has had plus sized clothes for several years and used to be one of my favorite places to shop.  Unfortunately, in the last few years the choices there have dwindled to almost nothing as the plus sized section continues to shrink to a few t-shirts, not so cute tops and boring pants shoved in the corner by the dressing rooms.  I’m glad to see they are at least moving toward rectifying the situation.  Now, only if Old Navy would put their plus sized clothes back in the stores…sigh.

  • Target-Addict

    That’s great news!  But hasn’t Target had plus-size in it’s Mossimo and Merona brands for years?  Yes, it’s great to have more options for plus-sized gals, but it’s not like Target hasn’t already been offering options in that size range.