Yes, Thick Girls Can Wear Colored Jeans

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When I requested to write about how to wear colored jeans if you’re plus-size, Kathryn and everyone kinda looked at me a little strange. Okay, a LOT strange. Basically, they thought it might be like someone wanting to write about cars who had never driven one. What suggestions could my non-plus-size self possibly offer about colored jeans for plus-size women? Plenty.

Ladies, here’s a little secret: There used to be 70 more pounds of me. Yup. So I know about some of the challenges plus-size gals can face in their quest to 1. find awesome styles and 2. wear them well.

Step aside, skinny minnies; curvaceous bods can totally rock colored pants, too.

Here’s how to make the look work:

How to Wear Colored Jeans

We all Love Getting Good Hues

We All Love Getting Good Hues

Blue Essence Colored Twill Skinny Jeans, $98 from Nordstrom

Lighter colors make anything look larger. Good for wall color in a studio apartment, not so much for the body-conscious. Stay away from pale shades like light yellows or soft peaches; we’re into dark greens, deep purples and intense blues. Darker shades tend to “smooth” out bumpy spots or diminish bulges.

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  • ya really true Colored Jeans juch change in world of fashion..

  • Susan H

    Really? I’m all for colored jeans but it doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice on the fit! I’d rather look for options at oohlalaworld com which has nicer styles