Yea or Nay: Piperlime

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Okay, I’m a bit confused about the Gap’s new shoe site, Piperlime.  I’m sure some retail analyst somewhere told the copy that selling shoes online is the way to bring up dismal sales.  However, there’s really nothing to compel me to shop at this site versus shopping at an established shoe site (with FREE UPS shipping and returns) and price guarantees like or Also, the initial use of Rachel Zoe as their “style expert”, was a complete misstep.  Does anyone really care what Rachel Zoe has to say? Especially since her high profile clients have started to drop her (and Nicole Ritchie looks a thousand times BETTER now than when she was being styled by her, although she isn’t acting better)?  In addition,  the name Piperlime sounds like some household product invented by the guy who invented Oxyclean..

Not everything is bad about the site. The site has a nice selection of shoes from designers like Hollywould, Steve Madden, and Kenneth Cole in a reasonable range of sizes (5-12 for women). The prices are just as expensive as and the site does offer free standard shipping and free returns. You can also use your Gap, OLD Navy or Banana Republic credit cards to make purchases.

Piperlime, yea or nay?



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  • ali

    I’d never heard of piperlime before the other day, but was desperate to buy a unique pair of boots for a costume party that were sold out on every other website.  Piperlime randomly came up on a google search.  I’m always loyal to zappos, but piperlime did have the pair of boots I wanted, in stock, for a lower price.

  • kitty

    I found the perfect boots I was looking for on Piperlime.  I like the website, too.  If I’m looking for something in particular and find it—I don’t care where it comes from.

  • teri

    After shopping and both Zappos and shoe buy (6pm) as well as Piperlime. I can honestly say that I prefer Piperlime. Their customer service is better. Just try dealing with Zappos if you have a defective shoe! Also when they put their shoes on sale they STAY on sale unlike Zappos where they have 2 year old shoes listed again at full price!

  • sheila chunis

    I live piperlime.  YOu can search much more easily that Zappo’s.  Also, piperlime reduces much greater than Zappo’s.  they have the usual seasonal sales.  Shipping is fast and nicely packaged.  My daughter is a investment analyst in NYC and she turned me on to the site.  Guess the big city fashionistas know where to go.

  • Eileen

    Hi –

    We’ll see – my 9 year old daugher’s feet are too big now for the kids dept.  and she still likes sketchers – Piperlime has great prices on many sketchers styles – 50% less than some other websites

  • Shoefriend

    There is no such thing as free shipping.  The consumer pays one way or the other.  And why shouldn’t they?  UPS doesn’t provide their service for free.  The cost of shipping is built into the price of the shoes.  When you call about the price guarantee, Zappos will compare their price to the competitor’s price plus shipping.

  • I have been confused by piperlime; the promo e-mails say “Gap’s new shoe site” so I assume it will sell Gap brand shoes.  When I go there, all I find is a Zappos knock off and mostly higher priced shoes (even though I don’t think of GAP as high-end).  So after that long run-on, I vote Nay!  I don’t see it succeeding.

  • hmmm i hate the selection as it looks very bootleg…. somehow I found my most wanted boot of the week on—but trust that this boot is hot and not bootleg at all!

  • Tisheenyu


  • *sigh* as I go back to Zappos…lol

  • Rain

    This is a joke, right?

  • Carolyn

    Re. lagging sales.  If I don’t go to the Gap for clothing why would I think of looking for shoes there?  I’ll stick with Zappo’s.  I agree with Sandra – the free shipping and buyer reviews are great (

    And the Christie shoe – there’s too much going on – ankle strap, leopard skin print, sequins/crystals (?), platforms.

  • Ted

    The Christie pumps remind me of Warhols lyrical drawings from the early 60’s. This site does have some nice offerings from Kenneth Cole and I actually prefer them next to the Doc Martens. Are there any plans to include these into the Gap stores?—- The name Piperlime doesn’t make me feel one way or the other about a shoe line. Its quirky—but the shoes are nice.

  • Sandra

    Nothing about Piperlime makes me want to switch my loyalty from, which has fabulous customer service, and, which has a less-than-great selection but really good discounts.

    I rely on the user reviews and multiple 3D views at; I always get discount codes for,, etc., and I’ve yet to see a single one from Piperlime (even though I have gap company credit cards); I love the price protection that and offer (I’ve used it and, as the BF wrote, Piperlime doesn’t offer it).

    As for the name “Piperlime,” it sounds like some marketing people tried to put together a word that sounds young and hip – very contrived. But I wouldn’t care about the stupid name (I mean, “zappos” isn’t all that enticing either) if the site had something to offer that other sites don’t already do better.

  • Yes…pretty much our take over at Fashion IQ as well.  The most ridiculous was the Bob Tedeshi article about them in the Times…it was like Gap PR handed him an article and he put his name on it.

    By the way, the inbound link from to this article isn’t working.


  • Lee

    Piperlime.. Footwear launch of the year?
    The voters are probably the same folks who thought the denim skirtall was going to revolutionize the denim industry.