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The Best Dresses For Petite Plus Size Women

You’ve got a lot of curves, but not so much height, so shopping for a dress can seem like a daunting task. Petite clothes are geared toward women with slimmer figures, but standard plus size clothes are too long, so it’s not as simple as just shopping in a certain section of the store. Here are some petite fashion advice for finding the right dress for you.

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1. Pick the right hemline
You’ll drown in a floor-length dress, and tea-length hemlines will make you look even shorter than you are. What does work for you? Dresses right at the knee. Keeping your calves visible will elongate your legs, while covering your thighs will create sleeker lines in your figure.

2. Keep it simple
Monochromatic dressing– one shade from head to toe– is always flattering. Even if you want to add pops of color with your accessories , we suggest solid colors for your dresses. A single hue is a more tailored look, while patterns and multiple colors will chop up your body and add bulk to the wrong places.

3. Watch your waist
An empire waistline will raise the focus to bust level, making your torso and legs suddenly seem much longer. Whatever waistline you choose, just make sure the dress has one. A trapeze dress is not for you, but a belted one looks fabulous.

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4. Be careful with accessories
You can wear the perfect dress and totally ruin it with the wrong accessories. With a dress, we like the idea of a long necklace, which adds height, and bold earrings, which bring attention upward. We don’t suggest big bangles and bags, which as bulk and shorten your arms.

5. Get it tailored
Whatever it is, it will look better after it’s tailored. Petite women tend to actually look more put-together than their taller counterparts because they’ve learned the value of a good tailor. If the dress is a little too long or doesn’t fit quite right in a certain area, but you love it otherwise, go ahead and buy it! A tailor can turn it into your dream dress.

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Monday 29th of April 2013

I will be attending a military ball, and I realize floor length dresses do not flatter me, but I do not have a choice. Knee length is not an option. What style floor length dress should I look for?


Monday 16th of May 2011

Ashleyd very informative information for petit plus size women. well explained with the right visuals. Thank you so much.

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