Outdoor Privacy Screen: DIY

You may have a fabulous home, but your neighbors probably don’t. Or they park their RV in the alley, or there is that fabulous neighbor you call the freeway…In any case, no matter where you live an outdoor privacy screen may not be such a bad idea.

We found these two easy DIY outdoor privacy screens that you can make in a weekend.

Privacy Screen One

This first privacy screen is made by framing a piece of lattice with some metal braces and 2x4s. The 2x4s come down the sides to form legs. These legs are secured into two pots with cement. Then the rest of the pot is filled with potting soil and flowers. The owners of this privacy fence grow clematis and moon flowers in the pot and train them to grow up the lattice.

Privacy Screen Two

These particular people created a privacy screen that they will train bean plants and ivy to grow on. This screen was created by making frames from 2x4s and screwing them into the fence. Then, hooks were added on the inside of the frame and the owners wove twine in between the hooks to make a structure for the ivy to grow up. Once the plants mature, they will help these home-owners hide an odious view of their neighbor’s RV.


Here are some other links to some great DIY outdoor privacy screens.

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    Id like a material list and directions for the first privacy fence on this page…how do I get them.

    what was the size of the pots and how much cement did you use?

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