How to Make a Jewelry Tree

Urban Outfitters has a fabulous jewelry tree for $26, but looking at it, we decided to make our own. Here is an easy step-by-step how to for making your own jewelry tree.

How to Make Your Own Jewelry Tree


  • tree branch
  • wooden base, JoAnn’s has the best prices
  • drill
  • wood glue
  • spray paint—any color you want
  1. Find the perfect dead branch. If necessary, cut it down to size. If you cut the branch off of a live tree, give it a few days to die and stiffen up.
  2. Drill a hole in the center of your wooden base, that is just big enough for the base of the branch, but not too much bigger.
  3. Fill the hole with wood glue and put the base of the branch in the hole, securing tightly. Let it dry.
  4. Spray paint your jewelry tree. Let it dry and, voila! You have a lovely jewelry tree.

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