6 Motivational Must-Haves for Knocking Out Your Resolutions

New years resolutions

Making the list is easy, but keeping the goals once you’re out of the holiday vacation bubble? That’s the tough part. Challenges like these are best met with the right motivation. And, for our visual learners and mantra mavens, you can keep that motivational mojo running high with some inspirational gear nearby to get your head right.

Maybe you’ve promised to get more use out of that expensive gym pass. Or you’re mapping out your plan for a corporate ladder climb or new role entirely. Or you just need a kickstart to positivity and doing more for yourself. Whatever your New Year’s resolution for 2018, we’ve sought out some essentials to keep your eyes on the prize for the next 365 days.

Check out our list of encouragement must-haves, and then commit to crossing off this year’s most ambitious resolutions in style.

6 Stylish Pieces to Keep You Motivated

1. The Tote with Focus

From the farmer’s market to the office, a simple tote helps drive home your mantra every time you pick it up. And if you’re going to cart around a reminder to help you stay on target, you might as well rock an inspo tote featuring a super-fun font.

2. Power Journal

Reach for an inspirational journal when you need help planning the path but don’t know where to begin. This journal is part self-exploration and part self-help to help you understand where you’re at and where you’re going. You may not know the end-goal yet, but the time is now to figure it out!


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