What to Buy at a Dollar Store

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what to buy at the dollar store

There’s nothing like a good dollar store, but how do you know if what you’re getting is really a bargain or just junk? The September Issue of ShopSmart Magazine gives us the answers, with a great story on what one should, and shouldn’t, buy from the local dollar store. Here’s some tips.

4 Things You Should Buy at the Dollar Store

Based on the unit price, these items are steals at the dollar store.

  • Heavy-duty Aluminum Foil: At 3 cents per square foot, the dollar store can’t be beat on price.
  • Gift Wrap: Dollar stores had the cheapest price at 2 cents per square foot versus 17 cents at one grocery store. But, skip the tissue paper. It’s more expensive at dollar stores.
  • Cotton Rounds: For something used everyday to remove makeup, the savings could really add up over time.
  • Party Supplies: Gift bags, ribbon, greeting cards, decorations and balloons are all great buys.

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  • t1obaggage

    Don’t buy makeup there! It’s always overpriced and probably old.

  • elderberry

    I always buy emery boards, nail polish remover (especially the wipes) and orangewood sticks at Dollar Tree.  They also sometimes have regional or hard to find brands of food.  I got some nice spice blends there once. I also stock up on coffee filters.
    Cleaning supplies, buckets, rubber gloves and sponges.
    You have to keep your eyes open, they often have buy out lots of name brand product.