True Confessions: I Wear Granny Panties

Updated January 27, 2019

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What comes to mind when someone says ‘Granny Panty‘? Most of us think of a baggy, unsexy undergarment that hikes up our waistline like Steve Urkel. Synonyms include: Mom Jeans, Nerd Pants, and Just Plain Uncomfortable.

But I’m  here to defend the Granny Panty, because her numerous advantages are overlooked and underappreciated. I must admit, before I started wearing them, I would scan the underwear aisles of every department store, and ask myself, ‘who would wear such a restricting thing?’ Then one day, I found myself preparing for a formal event. My seamstress suggested I wear a high-waisted panty to flatter my curves and conceal my stomach. I was a little hesitant at first, but  after I put my first pair of Grannies on, I never looked back.

Now, Granny Panties can be found under each of my form-fitting dresses, skirts, and pants. Here’s a couple more reasons why #teamgrannypanty is the place to be:

I Confess, I Wear Granny Panties

1. Granny Panties Smooth and  conceal– Tired of underwear lines and bulges? Many pairs of Granny Panties are seamless nowadays, so you can have all-around support without your underwear line showing through your clothes. If you’re worried about overheating or being uncomfortable, never fear– instead of cotton, there’s plenty of more breathable materials out there that will conceal your whole bottom and midsection at the same time. When I have mine on, I barley even feel them.

2. They support your back – Believe it or not, wearing high-waisted underwear is great for your back.  When I started wearing my Granny Panties to ballet class under my leotard, I noticed a 100% improvement. My back no longer felt strained, and my abs were supported for better balance. Don’t believe me? Try a form fitting pair then do some yoga, you’ll find merit in this discovery.

3. They Create an Hour Glass Figure–  Some of us crave a curvy figure, while the rest of us are trying to minimize what our mother gave us. Either way, Granny Panties create an illusion of a smooth hourglass. Whatever your size, or your style goals, there is a Granny Panty out there for everyone.

4. They are Not as Outdated as you Think–  There’s more people wearing Granny Panties then you think. Spanx by Sarah Blakley, basically re-invented the Granny Panty and turned it into a chic and stylish undergarment for younger women. Plus, many of our favorite celebs, including Jennifer Garner, Tyra Banks, and Kim Kardashian are crazy about body shapers. If  their gorgeous bods are in need of some assistance, think of what a good old pair of high-waisted panties can do for your figure! Believe me when I say that Granny knows best!

Will you consider Granny panties for your daily intimates? Let us know in the comments!

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