Beauty Icon: Halle Berry

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This post is part of a series as The Budget Fashionista and its sister site, Mighty Beauty, pay tribute and celebrate Black History Month this February.

Halle Berry has been a beauty icon for decades, representing African American beauty in modeling campaigns, cosmetic commercials, and on the big screen. Even after two very public divorces and a lot of hardships in her personal life, she has always embodied a class and decorum that many young women still aspire to.

She has set the bar high and has been a trend setter since appearing in Spike Lee’s, Jungle Fever back in 1991.

The Style of Halle Berry

Her Signature Short Hair

Her Signature Short Hair

Halle has made the pixie haircut popular amongst black women and in doing so has provided an alternative to women who want to opt for short hair in a world full of weaves and extensions. Much like Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham, Halle has created a signature hairstyle that has been adopted by countless women everywhere.

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