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How to Return An Item to Ann Taylor

Budget Fashionista provides this content for informational purposes only. These policies are subject to change. Please contact the merchant directly for the current Ann Taylor return policy.

Ann Taylor Return Policy

When you have the receipt

If you haven’t worn or washed your Ann Taylor merchandise, you can return it for a refund or exchange within 30 days of the purchase price. After 30 days, you can return the unused item for a credit or exchange only.

You can’t return or exchange final sale items at any time, even if you have the receipt. To identify final sale items, look for “Final Sale” in the description on your receipt, or a price ending in 77 or 88 cents.

When you don’t have the receipt

If you’ve lost your receipt, you can still return the unused item in exchange for store credit. Your credit will be based on the item’s selling price on the date of the return.

The exception here is on items marked as Final Sale on the date you try to return them. In this case, you cannot return the item at all.

How to return something you bought in store

You can return your items to Ann Taylor by mail or in store. To process your mailed in return, visit this page and click on Return By Mail.

How to return something you bought online

Store locations will not accept returns of items purchased online, so you’ll have to go through the mail-in return process. Visit this page and click on Return By Mail.

For more information, please Ann Taylor’s current return policy here.

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Monday 15th of October 2012

The return policy posted above does not tell the whole story. Ann Taylor Loft now requires that you allow them to scan your photo ID so that they can track how many returns you make and have the right to refuse returns if you make "too many" though they refuse to define how many is too many. They told me it was up to "the manager's discretion" based on what they pull up from their company database that tracks your returns with the ID. By the way, requiring you to allow them to copy personal information from your photo ID when making a purchase or return violates the merchants agreement with Visa and MasterCard. So if this has happened to you, report them immediately to your credit card company. This practice is also illegal in California and other states. If this has happened to you in Caliornia or another state where it is illegal, report them to your state attorney general's office. Under state law they can be fined and you can also sue them for refusing your return because you refused to let them copy your ID.

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