How to Lock Your Zippers

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I just learned a new trick, well, at least new for me, regarding zippers from my friend Malinda. Malinda and I have been best friends for 20 years—she was the maid of honor at my wedding and the only person I know daring enough to have a conversation with the Falun Gong folks wearing a Vivienne Tam Chairman Mao shirt. So when she headed for my crotch and zipped up my pants—I wasn’t offended. In fact, when she showed me that pulling the little zipper handle down locks the zipper in place, thus reducing the likelihood for future crotch treks on my behalf, I was elated. Not only are my goodies covered, but I learned a new trick to share with my fashionista friends.

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  • Carlos

    Just learned tthat after my sister in law pointed out my air conditioning…… wow I had no idea. This explains the creases in the zipper cover flap of every guy!

  • Ok, I totally snorted when I read this and then I busted out laughing till I was crying. Something sooooo simple and I never realized it.

  • sheilareeves

    I never knew that! And I’m 57 years old!