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Women’s Tuxedo Jacket — Wear One for Edgy Holiday Party Looks

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It’s tough to find the perfect outfit for your office holiday party, or for a last-minute gathering where you want to look your best but not like you tried too hard. A few wardrobe saviors can change the entire landscape and make it simpler for you to plan a look that’s appropriate, stylish, and flattering at once.

At the top of the list? A women’s tuxedo jacket, which exudes all the glamour and dressy appeal of an actual dress but offers you a fresh and unexpected alternative. The beauty of this piece is that it’s so versatile. You can just as easily pair it with jeans as with tailored trousers, or, of course, throw it on over a dress or skirt.

Instead of turning to your usual black blazer, make the tuxedo jacket your new go-to. Here’s how to pull off this sexy topper.

The Women’s Tuxedo Jacket 5 Ways

Try a relaxed approach

Illustrative of their versatility, tuxedo jackets for women are available in a variety of styles. A draped style, like this one from DR2 by Daniel Rainn, makes it each to take a more relaxed approach if you want to add the piece to your off-duty wardrobe. Its laid-back, slightly billowy silhouette makes it the right partner for anything from high-waisted jeans to wide-leg trousers.

Go for traditional style

Woman wearing black tuxedo jacket
Linea by Louis Dell’Olio Tuxedo Jacket, $81, QVC

If you prefer a more traditional, tailored look, try the Linea by Louis Dell’Olio Tuxedo Jacket, which features a satin-finish lapel and a sharp bottom hemline. Add a crisp white button-down underneath and finish with a pair of black pants for an effortlessly chic, seamless look.

Add a little sparkle

Or channel the best of both worlds in the Chelsea28 Sequin Blazer. Since this is a bolder, snazzier, flashier piece, it’s understandable that you might worry about coming off like a disco ball. But you have options—lots of them. Pair it with cuffed boyfriend jeans to create an interesting study in contrasts. Or try it with slim, straight-leg pants and step into a pair of pumps or stilettos for a flawless night-out ensemble.

Give it a makeover

Pants are natural partners for blazers, but you can shake up your look by pairing it with something entirely unexpected. Want to warm up for a holiday party? Try your blazer with the Jovial Occasion Gold Maxi Skirt and a blouse for a refreshed take on black-tie style.

And as @parths_in_particular shows, it also looks phenomenal with a tiered black dress.

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shirsti sharma

Saturday 17th of June 2017

so best looking i am impressing blog article

James Duke

Monday 29th of August 2016

My wife has been looking for a jacket like these for so long. She is determined to find the perfect one. I'm just hoping I can get one for her as a gift before she does it herself. I have seen what she likes, so I have an idea. There is one thing, she wants it to be black.


Thursday 26th of November 2015

I love Tuxedo Jackets. I will give it to my mom as a gift. This will suit her very much. Thanks for sharing such fashion ideas.


Monday 6th of December 2010

I LOVE this tuxedo blazer trend. I think it's soooo luxe and fab. Thanks for the suggestions on where I can get one! <3

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