H&M Organic Garden Collection

What: It seems like everything is coming up roses this season. Alissa checks out The Garden Collection, a new line by the folks at H&M.

According to H&M’s press release: Romantic, exotic, glamorous or abstract: this spring’s floral patterns provide an injection of creativity and a love of fashion into your wardrobe. The floral looks are inspired by chlorophyll-green gardens, sun-drenched landscapes and even 70s hippie chic flower-power. The romantic garden collection is made using organic and recycled materials. All the garments have been produced using sustainable materials or using recycled PET bottles or textile waste. The sustainable materials include organic cotton, organic linen, recycled polyester, and tencel.

What We Say: It’s no surprise that the collection was floral based, hence the name garden collection. In the back of our minds we were thinking, this stuff looks great, but how does it feel? Some organic fabrics can be hard and itchy. To our surprise we were very impressed with the softness and hint of luxuriousness of the organic silk and linen. You could see and feel that texture and design was an important factor in this collection. Colors were bold and ethnic and the medley of cuts and shapes could rival those of today’s hottest designers. We’re talking organic silk tie waist shorts, cascading ruffle tops, a draped pocket skirt, and pleated smock dresses. Two great things about the collection was the forgiving shapes that would look great on a diverse number of sizes and the affordable prices, nothing was over $59.95. With floral leggings and a silk anorak this collection offered a mixture of girlishness, chicness, and uptown sophisticate that made it wearable by any age group and suitable for any lifestyle. As we touched and stared at every piece, we couldn’t help but to say, “Can I take a few pieces with me now.”

The collection will be in stores on March 25th.

Note: I received an H&M 25% off VIP card for attending the preview.

H&M Organic Garden Collection