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Cute Cheap Bridal Shoes

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Let’s face it, using the word “cheap” in the same sentence as “my wedding” seems like a big fat wedding don’t because, well, it sounds so crass. Reality check: cheap is good. With wedding budgets getting tighter and tighter (thanks economy!) saving a buck where you can only makes sense. Take, for instance, cheap bridal shoes—as a fashionista bride, of course you want your shoes to be wedding-day-fabulous, but seriously? YOU WILL NEVER WEAR THEM AGAIN.

So resist the temptation to rack up that credit card debt for a pair of sparkly $200 bridal kicks no matter how cute they’ll look in that one his-and-hers wedding shoe picture you’ve been planning since you were 14—save your bucks for what matters. The good news is adorable cheap wedding shoes do exist, and we found them. The best part? No one will ever know you got them on the cheap, unless you decide to brag about your bridal budget savvy (and we’re totally behind that!).

Cute Bridal Shoes on the Cheap

Sexy Diva Bridal Shoes

No dowdy run-of-the-mill bridal shoes here—for the diva bride who wants her wedding shoes to say “BAM”, a sexy stiletto is a wedding day must-have. Brides, you can be diva-licious and frugal with these sexy wedding shoes on the cheap:

Sexy Diva Bridal Shoes

Crochet Lace Mary Jane Platform Pumps, $42.50 from Charlotte Russe

Perforated Faux Leather D’Orsay Pumps, $32.80 from Forever 21

Beachy Hipster Bridal Shoes

No heels here—comfort is king, but even the most boho of brides wants to be special on her big day, from head to toe. Some chic bride-worthy sandals and flats we, love for less of course:

Beachy Hipster Bridal Shoes

Nine West Faycie Satin Ballet Flat, $49.94 from DSW

Not Rated Bumble Flat Sandal, $39.95 from DSW

Something Blue Bridal Shoes

From blue suede shoes to pretty dyeables, some budget-loving brides long to make a colorful statement with their wedding shoes. Whether you’re going to use your shoes as your traditional “something blue” or branch out into your own version of being a colorful bride (i.e. “something fuchsia”), colored or dyeable wedding shoes totally fit the bill (and are totally affordable):

Something Blue Bridal Shoes

Michael Antonio Love Me Sue 2 Cobalt, $14.99 from

Allure Bridals Sunrise, $28.95 from

Traditional Romantic Bridal Shoes

Comfort and sex appeal aside, lots of modern brides still heed the call of tradition – these aren’t your mother’s bridal shoes, but they’re shoes you can still take home to meet your mom (finding the groom that fits the same profile is up to you). Some perfectly cheap traditional bridal shoes that will make you say “I do”:

Traditional Romantic Bridal Shoes

Lulu Townsend Valentine Platform Pump, $49.95 from DSW

rsvp Flavia, $24.99, from

Shalonda Miller

Thursday 26th of July 2012

I want to know how much the white shoes with the bow on the side and the diamond on them. How do I go about ordering them?

Coupon Trunk

Sunday 14th of March 2010

Those shoes are lovely! I'm with the person who wrote in, I would never, ever, EVER dream of spending three hundred bucks or more on a pair of shoes, wedding or no wedding. I think I'd balk at even spending a hundred bucks. I'd much rather find a pair of traditional, understated pumps or heels for fifty bucks or less.


Sunday 14th of March 2010

I love the shoe selection that you chose. The great thing about them is not only will they work for weddings but I see a few that I would definitely wear out and about. I have a friend that told her husband after buying expensive shoes that it wasn't about the initial price but the cost per use, LOL. If you can't use them again then they were still a waste. Great picks, thanks for sharing and I'm not even getting married and I'd be all over this group of great buys.

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