Fashion Advice: Dresses for Those Big on Top and Small on Bottom

Dear Budget Fashionista, I need advice!  I love dresses and my look is feminine classic (I’m an attorney, so have to be a tad conservative), with — I like to think — a touch of fashionista.  My shoulders are broader than my narrow hips, and — I have a pretty large bust and not much of a waist.  I usually wear a 10-12 on top to accommodate the bust and a 6 on the bottom.  What dresses can I wear without highlighting my flaws?

Tips for Fashionistas with Inverted Triangle Body Shapes

Answer: You have what is called an inverted triangle body shape–meaning you are bigger on your top than you are on your bottom.

Here are some quick dressing tips if you have an inverted triangle body shape.

1. Keep the details in check. Look for dresses with minimum detail in the shoulder bust area and dresses with square necklines, which help minimize your neckline.

2. Work the knits. Try buying knit dresses with a bit more fabric (and give) in the bustline (thus allowing you to purchase a smaller size), but slimmer at the bottom, like a dolman- sleeve dress.

3. Try the wrap. You might be able to work a wrap dress, because you can go one size up for the bust but wrap the dress tighter around the waist.

4. Keep the focus off your shoulders. Avoid epaulets and puff sleeves on dresses.

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