Your Favorite Drink is a Fashion Muse

If you’re anything like me, or the majority of northern-dwelling Americans for that matter, this time of year has you feeling blah. The sky is grey, the flowers are popping up but still far from blooming, and you’re more than ready to bring out your sandals. So you may have to look elsewhere for a fashion muse when mother nature isn’t providing. What better place than at the bar?

Quiz: What’s Your Favorite Cocktail? The Answer Will Lead to Your New Fashion Muse!

1. Forced to choose, I gravitate toward which of the following colors first?

  • a) Red
  • b) Green
  • c) Yellow
  • d) Brown

2. At dinner I’m likely to order:

  • a) Steak
  • b) Salad
  • c) Fish
  • d) Pasta

3. My favorite time of year is:

  • a) Fall (not only do the leaves make it gorgeous but I love that back-to-school refreshing feeling too)
  • b) Spring (green grass and singing birds = happiness)
  • c) Summer (give me heat and give me sun!)
  • d) Winter (they don’t call it a wonderland for nothing!)

4. I consider myself to be:

  • a) An artist’s soul (photographer, writer, philosopher, painter)
  • b) Life of the party (lots of friends and a heavy social calendar)
  • c) A Bohemian spirit (easy going, whimsical)
  • d) An intellectual  (I strive to succeed in everything I do)

5. My favorite spices are:

  • a) Cumin, Tumeric, Chili (go big or go home!)
  • b) Mint, tarragon, basil (sweetness)
  • c) Dill and lemon (doesn’t get any fresher)
  • d) Cinnamon (isn’t cinnamon a synonym for cozy?)

6. My music library has a lot of:

  • a) Lounge music (chillax people)
  • b) Pop/Hip-hop (video killed the radio star)
  • c) Electro (what are real instruments again?)
  • d) Jazz (Coltrane or bust)

7. My favorite shoes are:

  • a) Cat heels (not too high, not too low)
  • b) Pumps baby (duh)
  • c) Boots (anyway I can have ’em)
  • d) Flats (I have places to go people)

Ok, drum roll please…

If you answered mostly A’s: You most likely love red wine and know your cabs from your syrahs when forced to taste test. If you don’t happen to be an oenophile (you may want to consider becoming one) you gravitate toward big-tasting drinks like whiskey and scotch. You like big flavors and deep, rich colors.

Rihanna Color Blocking

The Verdict:
Use purple, red and color blocking as your fashion muse.

If you answered mostly B’s:
You gravitate toward sweet, fresh cocktails like mojitos, margaritas and mint juleps. Your cocktail often looks like it has its own mini garden.

Marion Cotillard

The Verdict:
Let mint be your guide – wear this color in light, translucent fabrics from head to toe and everyone will want to drink you up!

If you answered mostly C’s:
Unlike many, you can handle bitter and sour tastes. Cocktails that suit you are martinis, lemon drops and gin and tonics.

Eva Mendes

The Verdict:
Make your fashion cause eyes to squint and lips to pucker, in other words embrace two things: yellow and lace.

If you answered mostly D’s:
You should order yourself an Irish coffee, dark beer, or rum cocktail at happy hour tonight.

Lauren Conrad

The Verdict:
Faux leather leggings in black or brown, imagine yourself as a Guinness!