How to Make Flat Shoes Comfortable

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Dear Budget Fashionista,

Here is my dilemma: I love flats, they are so cute and versatile, but it is so hard for me to find a style and brand that does not torture my feet. Almost all of the flats that I’ve tried rub my ankle raw or dig into the top of my toes. I’ve tried the more expensive brands, but they were not any better than some of the cheaper brands. Are there any solutions to this problem?

Answer: There are a couple of things you can try to make your flats more comfortable. If you have a high foot arch (which might be the reason the shoes are rubbing on your feet), you may want to try inserts that add a bit more cushion and support for your arch. In order to stop the rubbing on ankles, head to Target or Payless and purchase a pair of heel pads and stick them in the inside heel of the shoes.  You can also have a cobbler/shoe repair person stretch the front part of the shoe (called the shoe box) to make a little more room for your feet. Unfortunately, this tip only works with leather and suede.

It may also be an issue of support- many flat shoes (including the more expensive brands) are extremely flat, hard, and offer no insoles what so ever. Before purchasing a pair of flat, feel the inside of the shoe o make sure the footbed has padding. Also check to make sure the shoe has arch support (it will be a little “bump” of padded where the instep of your foot will be).

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  • new2ny

    I have alway thought that born made really comfy shoes, but I recently bought a pair of born flats that really hurt my feet. It’s the part between the heel and ankle, but I’m not getting blisters. It’s just super tender and sensitive and even hurts when I wear my other shoes now. Does anyone have a solution reason that would happen?

  • I have some foot problems because i stand up at work all day. I use padded inserts and they help quite a bit.

  • Flats can be so hard to make comfortable but I love your tips and I’ll be trying them out on my flats. Thanks so much!

  • Redcurlyhead

    Börn makes some flats that have some padding and arch support. And they’re cute. I’ve found that “comfy” usually doesn’t mean fun and fashionable. But these are. I have to wear flats so I’m always looking for a way to make them more comfy.

    • TBF

      Born is great as well as Indigo by Clarks…