Beauty Cure-All: Coconut Oil

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Natural oils have taken over the kitchen. And now, they’re making their way into your beauty cabinet. More specifically, raw and unfiltered coconut oil is the beauty-must that’s changing everything. What started as an essential to those who are familiar with Ayurvedic medicine, is soon to be a mainstream beauty cure-all.

Newsflash: Healthy living enthusiasts of the Instagram era are turning to the grocery store to solve those nagging beauty issues. A safe mouth wash that whitens? Moisturizer that won’t break you out? Shampoo without the harsh chemicals? A plain old jar of coconut oil can do it all, and then some. Unlike other expensive oil products that only have a single use (like argan face cleansers or macadamia haircare products), this budget buy makes the most of its price tag. Use it in the kitchen, bedroom and bath.

Coconut oil is packed with protein, Vitamin E and fatty acids. And, since it has antibacterial properties, you can count on coconut oil to prevent infection and boost health. Maybe you’ve already subbed it for something in your culinary pursuits or maybe you’re adding a spoonful to your morning coffee for an energy boost. But the real magic is about to go down over the sink or in the shower.

Read on for the coconut oil uses that make it a stand-out beauty cure-all.

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Coconut Oil Uses for Hair

On your hair, coconut oil has the cleansing power of a shampoo and the hydrating power of a conditioner–working wonders for your scalp and tresses. It can fight dandruff and promote hair growth when massaged into the scalp. Coconut oil also protects hair as a natural sunscreen and can be used to tame frizz, detangle hair, or act as a styling agent when out of the shower.

Coconut Oil Uses for Skincare

One of the great beauties of any oil is that it breaks down the tough stuff. Coconut oil is the perfect choice as a safe makeup remover and does the job of a cleanser just as well, removing impurities and even unwanted oil. That’s right, fight oil with oil. If you like your current cleanser, but are in need of a little hydration boost (or run out of lotion in a pinch) grab your trusted coconut oil for a silky smooth moisture quench.

Coconut Oil Uses for Dental Hygiene

Solidified coconut oil breaks down in the palm of your hand. In the same way, coconut oil also breaks down into cleansing liquid in your mouth. Oil pulling has become quite the trend of its own, and it acts as an alternative or supplement to brushing (and whitening!) your teeth. Swish the oil around in your mouth while completing your other morning tasks and pull germs, toxins and more about of the body. Give it a spit after you’ve swirled around for twenty minutes or so and you’ll notice improved oral health including whiter chompers, healthy gums and even better breath.

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