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8 Trendy Clothes from Forever 21 That’ll Cost You $30 or Less

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Dressing well on a budget mostly requires a lot of patience. You know this if you’ve ever seriously shopped in-store at Forever 21. Usually, the store’s a mess and 90% of the clothes are junk. Finding those trendy, cute, and wearable clothes from Forever 21 — or from any other fast-fashion store for that matter — tests your patience and perseverance.

You might take 10 garments to the dressing room and realize that three of them have lipstick stains, one has loose stitching, two seem to be made for some non-human body shape, and four just don’t look good. It’s not until you take two more hauls to the try-on that you strike gold: an adorable top of reasonable quality that fits right into your rotation and costs less than $20.  

But despite the tedious shopping experience, Forever 21 has a role to play in my life (even if some may think I’m too old to shop there). Those oh-so-low prices and trendy styles draw me in whenever the seasons change. I like to see what I can pick up inexpensively to give my wardrobe a quick refresh. And while I shop the store for short-term pieces that may fall out of style quickly, I’ve also bought clothes from Forever 21 that lasted much longer than the season. I only recently tossed a soft, baby blue crew neck sweater that I wore for years before it fell apart. The price tag was around $20, an incredible value considering how many times I wore it.

This season, more than ever, I’m in need of a style update. And I’m also not interested in spending a bunch to get it — given that there’s no telling when I’ll set foot in a restaurant or movie theater again. So here’s a look at some pieces from Forever 21 that’ll put you and me right in the mix of spring style trends — all priced at $30 or less.

1. Sheer blouse from Forever 21

Sheer accents are trending, and the sheer overlay is a classic way to get that look. The cami is built into the blouse, which also features peasant sleeves and a round neckline. Bright white with a floral design, this top screams spring. Wear it with colored, cropped denim and sneakers or sandals.

2. Bralette from Forever 21

I’m not one to wear a bralette on its own, but the dainty undergarment sure comes in handy when you want to wear off-shoulder or open-back tops. And this season, the bralette can pull double-duty — pair it with a sheer blouse that doesn’t already have an underlayer built in and you’re strutting two trends at once.

Forever 21’s bralette is seamless and it comes in two shades of pink. Buy it for less than $10.

3. Wide-legged pants from Forever 21

Wide-legged pants are a nice change of pace from the skinny jeans and joggers that seem to dominate my fashion choices these days. This pair has a plaid design and an oversized, self-tie belt. All you need to create an outfit is a solid-colored, fitted top, some red polish for your toes, and a pair of open-toed mules.

4. Trenchcoat from Forever 21

So, this isn’t the trenchcoat that will spare you from the elements in a spring rainstorm. But it has a nice shape and it’s on sale for $13. Seriously! At that price, it’ll likely be out of stock before the weekend. Plus, it’s lightweight enough that you could wear it as a dress, too. Just don’t get any ideas about flashing that special someone in your life…

5. Statement belt from Forever 21

Bold belts will be everywhere this season. I love this Forever 21 belt for $10, because it fits right into the moment with that curb chain strap. But if that all feels too edgy a year from now, just unclip the curb chain and you have a black belt you could wear to the office. You might even repurpose the chain by using it to refresh an old handbag. That’s a lot of versatility for $10.

6. Tie-dye from Forever 21

Tie-dye is enjoying some extended time in the fashion spotlight. I’m not one to tie-dye my own garments, mainly because it’s messy but also because I can buy this top at Forever 21 for $7. The v-neckline is flirty, plus the high-low hemline gives you extra outfit options. Tuck this top into jeans or wear it loose over leggings. Add sneakers for a comfortable, casual ensemble.

7. Over-sized button-down from Forever 21

The oversized women’s button down made several appearances on the spring/summer runways and this top nods to that trend. I love the masculine collar paired with the roomy sleeves and the pretty Alphonse Mucha print. It’s also 100% polyester which means few to no wrinkles and a soft drape.

8. Floral dress from Forever 21

The floral dress in the spring isn’t so much of a trend, but a mainstay. Maybe the size and color of the pattern changes from year to year, but we can pretty much count on seeing some form of floral dress, first on the runways and then in the stores. This piece has a classic vibe to it, with the wrap design and midi length. But it’s the color that feels very now. Sunny yellow is one-half of the Pantone Color of the Year for 2021 (the other half is a medium-tone gray) and you’re going to see a lot of it in this spring.

Before you buy any of these clothes from Forever 21, take a minute to review Forever 21’s online return policy, which we break down for you here.


Thursday 28th of January 2021

I love all of these items! I actually found them all at I just created an account and filtered my results to Forever21 and items under $30! I saw even more cute items that I just couldn't resist.

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