Get Jessica Alba-Fit After Baby & the Holidays: 3 Celebrity Weight Loss Tips for Less

Whether it’s because of a real baby or a holiday food baby, many of us have resolutions to lose weight and get bikini-bod ready for 2013.  Recently unveiling her fit and toned physique just months after having having daughter number two, Jessica Alba has a look that is envy of many mothers (and non-mothers) alike. Here is how you can get her (and other celebrities’) look, too.

Celebrity Weight Loss Tips

1. Jessica Alba: Claims that drinking liters of water, sticking to a high-protein diet, and doing cardio plus circuit training is the fastest way to get fit.  With her clear success, I’d say that Jessica’s Alba’s workout routine, diet, and tips for staying on track are worth the look!  Even if you don’t have a trainer, chef, or fitness consultant, you can still follow her plan and get fit with the free phone app: Lose it!  – which helps you track calories in and out.

2. Courtney Kardashian: Lost 44 pounds of baby weight in 6 months. Her tips for losing weight and sticking to a plan – Working out 3-4 days a week, switching up the routine so she can see continual results, and of course – eating small meals throughout the day to keep her metabolism stoked.

3. Sarah-Jane Bedwell: Sarah-Jane is Self Magazine’s resident nutritionist, and she offers daily blog posts, tweets, and articles about eating well, losing weight, and of course – exercising. Her advice is *free,* and if you follow her Twitter feed you’ll receive daily tips on diet, workouts, eating right, and of course – sticking to your resolutions! Her feed: Eat Like Me.