Home Advice: cb2.com—Crate and Barrel’s New Store

Q:I was reading Lucky Mag’s online site, and one of their websites of the week was cb2.com, crate and barrel 2.  The website says it has modern styles . . . What’s the deal with 2 Crate and Barrels, and does this mean there will be two different types of Crate and Barrel stores, or that this new portion will be coming into the old ones?

A: Cb2 is Crate and Barrel’s hipper, more design focused, store that targets a young audience than the main store. Think Ikea, but more pricey.  Right now it’s only a website and two brick and mortar stores in Chicago and there isn’t a great deal of buzz about the store in the shopping community. Don’t expect to see these designs in the main C&B stores anytime soon.