Budget Shopping the Bimbo Way

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To everything is a season and apparently summer is the season of Bimbos.

What is a Bimbo? Bimbos are the ones in the office who wear belly baring “Future M.I.L.F” shirts and wonder why only the “guys” in the office ask them out to lunch. There are Bimbos of all ages, races, sizes, income levels, and even intelligence levels. I once knew a mother and daughter Bimbo pair that made the Gastineau Girls look like Hilary and Chelsea. Blanche from Golden Girls was a Bimbo.You may even be a Bimbo.

However, there’s something about summer—the heat, the sun, the that turns ordinary, Talbot loving women into halter top wearing, jersey knit loving bimbos. I’m no different . . .

As The Budget Fashionista, there has been one or two seasons in my life (okay more like six or seven), where I’ve forayed into bimboland (I’m sure you also had a bimbo-esque experience or two). During my adventures, I’ve found some great budget fashions. Here are a few of my favorite Bimbo approved stores:

Cache– This mall based store is great for seasoned Budget Fashionistas looking to channel their inner bimbo. The clothes remind me of St. John ( of St. John Knits fame), but much cheaper.

Arden B.- Think South Beach in a mall. Everything in the store appears to be color coordinated, which is scary but perfect for those wanting the bimbo look, without spending hours wandering around a Charlotte Russe or Forever 21.

Guess– Their ads always feature the bimbo of the moment ( first Anne Nicole Smith, now Paris Hilton). The quality of their clothes is one, very small, step above Forever 21.

Forever 21– Bimbos of all ages will love this store because you can put together an entire outfit for well under $30 bucks. Older, seasoned, Budget Fashionistas will appreciate the incredible, low priced accessories- like those Indian beaded house shoe things.

Wet Seal- Exactly like Forever 21, except smaller. I purchased a silver and turquoise belt from Wet Seal that bares a close resemblance to a belt from Ralph Lauren’s fall 2004 collection.  I love that belt.

American Eagle Outfitters– Where preppy bimbos love to shop. Admittedly, I have a couple of their fitted polos.

Gap– Remember when the Gap sold jeans? I go to the Gap for jeans and the occasional chino. If I want a belly chain. I’ll head next door to the Express.  And they wonder why Sarah Jessica Parker was a horrible Gap spokesperson. Kate Hudson would have been a much better move.