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Collage of plus size evening dresses

The Plus Size Evening Dress That Looks, Feels Incredible

Dear Budget Fashionista: I am a plus-sized woman and was just invited to a black-tie optional event in early December. I’m 28 and don’t want to look 58. On top of that, I’d like to...
Woman wearing crop top and leather jacket

Budget Shopping the Bimbo Way

This post about bimbo clothes was originally published way back in 2005! I’ve revamped it because there are so, so many more options for those of us who like to show a little skin...
red white and blue flag - 4th of july

Patriotic Looks You Can Wear All Summer

Each year, Independence Day brings its own celebratory style to the forefront. While 4th of July fashion is never out of style in the U.S., it reaches its peak of popularity right about now. And you know how it...
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