Is Your Gucci Bag Fake?

1. The Retailer The Gucci store, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney’s: these are the types of places where an authentic Gucci bag can be found. A card table on a New York street corner or a discount website based out of China are not. Gucci’s website lists all of it’s retailers, so if you find a bag and you’re not sure if it’s real, check it out online to be sure. 2. The Logo There are so many details on a Gucci bag that it’s almost impossible for a counterfeiter to produce an accurate replica. Are you buying the double G famous logo bag? If so, is the logo an actual G? Make sure you study the logo of the authentic bag, so when you are confronted with a fake you will be absolutely sure that it is what it is. Many fake Gucci bags have odd or outdated logos. The logos should be on the inside of the bag; the zippers and the bag should come with an identification card. 3. The Price The truest testament to the bag’s authenticity? The price tag. Though you can find an out-of-season bag on sale, Gucci is a status label for a reason. … Continue reading Is Your Gucci Bag Fake?