Is Your Fendi Bag a Fake?

The name “Fendi” is synonymous with Italian luxury, so it’s no surprise that women the world over are grappling to get their hands on it, or that counterfeiters are trying so hard to make a few bucks selling fakes to wishful budget fashionistas. Worried you might be in danger of falling victim to a fake? Here are 5 helpful hints: How to Spot a Fake Fendi Handbag 1. Check The Strap Fendi bags typically are constructed with genuine leather-cored straps. The exterior of the strap may be made of plastic, but the internal components or core will be made of a solid rope of leather. If the interior of the handle appears as if it is made of anything besides leather, than it is not an a real Fendi handbag. 2. Look At The Lining Authentic Fendi bags will have a lining made of leather or satin. Also look at the stitching on the lining and on the outside of the bag. The stitching will not appear sloppy or crooked. In a word, it will be flawless. If not, the bag is most likely a fake. 3. Take A Whiff Know what calfskin smells like? If not, you could fall … Continue reading Is Your Fendi Bag a Fake?