Is Your Coach Bag A Fake?

Coach… sigh. Design, quality and durability make them the quintessential handbags. Unfortunately, for many of us the prices aren’t quite so ideal ($1200 for a Coach handbag? WTF?), so when we spot one for a great price, we want to pounce. But before you purchase what looks like a Coach bag, make sure it actually is one. Ask yourself these five questions.

Is Your Coach Bag is Fake? Ask Yourself These Five Questions?

1. Where Am I?

Seriously. Ask yourself. You can only find Coach in certain places: Coach stores, Coach factory stores,, Coach catalogs, authorized department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Dillards (and their outlets), discount retailers like TJ Maxx and Marshalls and limited duty free locations (luxury boutiques). Yes, you can find real Coach elsewhere, like on, but we’re warning you, detecting a fake gets trickier from here.

2. Are The C’s Lined Up?

Inspect the bag carefully. If the bag is printed, the C’s will not even be the tiniest big crooked. When the purse is upright, They will be in a perfect line. The slightest deviation means you’ve got a fake.

3. Where’s The Dust Bag?

If you’re in a store, ask to see it. If you’re shopping online, make sure it’s included with the purchase. Sleeper Bags or Dust Bags should be dark chocolate brown with a red drawstring. In the bottom right the words in all caps “COACH EST.1941″ written in white.

4. Is There A Logo Tag?

Coach also commonly uses logo tags that are attached by a beaded metal chain. Usually, the tag should match the trim of the bag. The words “COACH” should be raised, not imprinted. Do your research to make sure that the tag goes with the bag you are getting– It is not uncommon for counterfeiters to mass-produce them. Keep in mind that tags are never made out of hard plastic. It’s always leather.

5. Is The Zipper YKK?

Remember that familiar phrase from your childhood, X-Y-Z? It’s time to start putting that to use again. Most authentic Coach purses use the zipper brand YKK– the highest quality of zippers available. So, look carefully at your zipper pull. If your bag is authentic, you will see the tiny  letters ‘YKK’ on your zipper pull. Fake Coach purses do not have the YKK zippers. Can’t tell? Don’t buy it. Walk away and wait until you’re sure.

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