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No Fooling the Kiddos! Keep Them Happy This Holiday With These 10 Trending Toys

With Christmas quickly approaching, it’s time for moms and dads to start whittling down their gift lists to a few select toys. If your kids are like many others, they probably have their eye...
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Dos and Don’ts of Last-Second Holiday Shopping (Sponsored)

It’s nearly the last second before Christmas and I still have shopping to do. Hopefully my dad and nephews don’t read my blog, because they’d be disappointed to know I’ve shopped for everyone but them...
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The Beanie You Should Wear This Winter (Sponsored)

Ladies, I am a K-club blogger, which means I am compensated for telling you about my experiences with Kmart. Rest assured, all opinions are my own. Confession: I’m in my 40s and I wear...
Chic Jeans

What Ever Happened to…Chic Jeans?

(Editor’s note: this post about Chic jeans was updated 1/2017). Ladies, those of you of a certain age (ahem) remember the miracle that was Chic Jeans — the high waist, the medium-to-dark wash, the...
Adam Levine Kmart Clothing Line

Adam Levine’s New Women’s Line at Kmart

The DSexiest Man Alive is bringing sexy back to women’s wear.  And we say “sexy” in the loosest terms possible, reminding readers that sexy is in the eye of the beholder. The Maroon 5...
Jaclyn Smith

The History of Budget Fashion: Jaclyn Smith for K-Mart

This post about the Jaclyn Smith Collection was rewritten in February, 2019. When actress Jaclyn Smith debuted her Jaclyn Smith for Kmart line in 1985, many thought she would meet the same fate as...
Sofia Vergara

Celebrity Style Deconstructed: Sofia Vergara

“Bodacious” isn’t a term you hear very often any more. One, it’s kind of a weird word, and two, curves have sometimes gotten a bad rep in recent years. But the moment you set...
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How to Shop K-mart

Attention K-mart shoppers! If that phrase conjures up images of the masses running towards the blue light special isle and makes you want to avoid shopping at the store at all cost, we offer...
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