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  • Go Green on a Budget Guide

    Organic Baby Onesie: Organic Products

    What: Go to greatgreenbaby.com for a weekly chance at winning an organic onesie for your green baby (or a friend’s green baby, or the neighbor’s green baby) In their own words: Three ways to enter: 1. Leave a comment on the blog 2. Sign up for the GreatGreenBaby newsletter OR 3. Quadruple your chances of [...] Read More

    November 24, 2007 by Catherine

  • The Best Coupons + Deals

    Erin Fetherston at Target

    Erin Fetherston’s line for Target’s Go International Initative has finally arrived in store and online . The decidely young line and very sixties inspired line, features enough short dresses, peter pans collars, and A line shapes to make Twiggy proud. There are a couple hot pieces, if you can fit into their junior sizing, including [...] Read More

    November 24, 2007 by Catherine

  • Fashion + Style

    The Daily Deal: Trace Rug $50 off at CB2.com

    The Deal: Trace Rug reduced to $149, from $199, at CB2.com The Lowdown:  An easy focal point of any room, the Trace Rug is a solid round centerpiece that can balance out any living space with a contemporary touch.  The super-soft wool is pulled together in a hand-tufted dual color design.  Available in bright red [...] Read More

    November 24, 2007 by Catherine

  • Fashion + Style

    Look for Less: Missoni Dress

    Here at The Budget Fashionista, we love nothing more than when our sharp-eyed, stylish readers share their own fabulous budget finds—here, we have a heads-up from Dana Prigge (of The Daily Fashionista), on a totally affordable way to get some Missoni style without dropping a bundle. The dress on the left is the Missoni, from [...] Read More

    November 23, 2007 by Angela

  • Fashion + Style

    Adventures in Black Friday: Best Buy (the video)

    My video of the Black Friday experience. Let me tell you, I now understand the draw…. [...] Read More

    November 23, 2007 by Kathryn