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    Fashion Advice: Where to Find White Cotton Shirts

    Dear Budget Fashionista, I have searched long and hard for a white t-shirt made of fabric that isn’t so sheer you can see skin through it.  I love the white-shirt-and-jeans look, but the white shirt part of the equation is always the problem. Answer: For years I swore by Old Navy’s Perfect Fit Tees, which [...] Read More

    April 28, 2007 by TBF

  • Celebrity & Fashion Podcast

    Jami Floyd: Court TV Teaches Us How to Add Personality to a Conservative Wardrobe

    As a former White Office Staffer, star attorney and working mom, Court TV anchor Jami Floyd, knows the difficulties of adding a little “Oomph” to a conservative wardrobe. And as the anchor of her own daily program, Jami Floyd: Best Defense (11am-1pm, ET on Court TV), she knows what it takes to look fabulous on [...] Read More

    April 27, 2007 by Kathryn

  • Fashion + Style

    Great Designs at the Gap, H&M and Target

    Well, folks, it’s gotten to the point where I have no choice but to accept that the trend of singers, models, celebrity stylists and pretty much everyone but my Aunt Bernice is turning into a fashion designer or wants to become one. Still, it’s something of a relief to see that some stores are still [...] Read More

    April 26, 2007 by TBF

  • Celebrity & Fashion Podcast

    Kate Nobelius: Billion Dollar Babe Teaches Us How to Shop a Sample Sale

    Kate Nobelius is one of the masterminds behind the globe trotting Billion Dollar Babes Sample Sale Events.  With sample sale events in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, London and Dublin, Kate has the inside scoop on the whole sample sale industry. She takes a moment to dish some sample sale shopping tips with Kathryn. [...] Read More

    April 25, 2007 by Kathryn

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    Do Good: Hit TV Show House Raises Funds and Awareness for Mental Health Issues

    I was first introduced to Fox’s hit TV show “House” during a particularly grueling cross country flight. Unable to rest properly (I am SO envious of people who can sleep on planes), I started to flip through the channels on the the back of my seat (Continental Airlines and Jet Blue both have personal televisions [...] Read More

    April 25, 2007 by TBF

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    TBF Beauty Newsletter:  Bath Time

    It’s certainly not a secret that a long luxurious bath or even a long shower is one of life’s greatest luxuries. A good one feels like a massage, with the right cleansers and bath products providing much needed aromatherapy. Just as importantly, it’s one of the few sacred times to oneself when it’s perfectly acceptable [...] Read More

    April 24, 2007 by TBF

  • Site I Like: My Retro Baby

    The online boutique My Retro Baby is THE shop for all the hipster mommies and their equally hip offspring (hello, Colette and Jack). While the prices are not necessarily “budget”, the featured items are more reasonably priced than similar items at a downtown boutique.  Plus, the items sold are truly unqiue things that a mom [...] Read More

    April 24, 2007 by TBF