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    Sunglasses for Summer 2014 by Style

    Picking sunglasses for summer is my favorite hot-weather activity. No matter if the sun is out and scalding or it’s June gloom, or whether I am bikini-ready and tan or a tad out of shape, shopping for sunglasses is just like shopping for shoes: always satisfying, always fun, and since there are as many brands [...] Read More

    May 29, 2014 by SallieO

  • Etsy Glass Flowers

    Guide to Decorating Your Home on a Budget

    Home Zen: Wind Chimes We Adore

    There’s something soothing about the sound of a wind chime.  What can drive us crazy, though, are 1) people who decorate their entire yard with so many chimes that we need earplugs in the slightest breeze and 2) chimes that are too cutesy.  After all, we want subtle sounds that create a feeling of zen, without looking like [...] Read More

    May 28, 2014 by JenniferL

  • Colorful Pedicure

    Fashion + Style

    Summer 2014 Nails: Pedicure Trends and Colors

    I haven’t worn boots or shoes that require socks in weeks. My sandals, flip flops, and flats have been in a consistent rotation ever since, which means one thing: I have to get used to doing my nails. I know, I don’t have to have painted fingernails and toenails…but oh, I do. [...] Read More

    May 27, 2014 by SallieO

  • Globetrotter Ikat Duffle Bag

    Fashion + Style

    Best Summer 2014 Bags for the Farmers’ Market

    The perfect bag is super easy to find. Likely, there are hundreds and thousands of ways to carry your stuff. From the petite clutch to the hearty rucksack, the purse that converts in to a backpack or a cross-body crochet number, the variety of styles, sizes, colors, and materials live in the world of galore. [...] Read More

    May 26, 2014 by SallieO

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    The Best Swimwear Guide EVER

    Best Bathing Suits for Summer 2014 For Those Who Tan

    Let’s be real. We select our summer bathing suits based on these two reasons: 1. Do I look and feel totally amazing in this bathing suit? And, if you’re the type of person who tans… 2. What will the tan lines look like? Here’s our picks The One-Piece. Many people I know shy away from [...] Read More

    May 22, 2014 by SallieO