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    The Top Best Beauty Sites

    The web can be a great place to find deals on your favorite beauty products. Unlike a make-up counter, you can shop and explore sites without the added pressure to buy an item. Popular beauty companies like Prescriptives and Lancome have web sites that offer free or reduced-cost shipping and free sample products for customers. [...] Read More

    August 30, 2005 by Catherine

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    How to Furnish Your Home on a Budget

    We spend so much time developing our closets, that the rest of our home is often neglected.  Here’s some tips on how to furnishing your home for less. * Do your homework. Spend the time to think about what you want your home to say about you and plan how to effectively use your space. [...] Read More

    August 29, 2005 by Catherine

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    Guide to Fall 2005 "IT" Handbags

    As the new fall season approaches quickly, the search for the most chic fall handbag is well on its way for fashion mavens worldwide.  The designer handbag is, hands down, the most sought- after accessory to finish off your personal style.  This season, major power players like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Dior are taking [...] Read More

    August 29, 2005 by Catherine

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    LA Sample Sales and Sale Events

    Find the latest sample sales for LA, visit our sale page. Below is a monthly listing of some of the top sample sale and sale events in the Los Angeles area culled from our sales database. These dates aren’t “firm”, so don’t go planning a vacation to Hollywood based upon this list. Use this list [...] Read More

    August 29, 2005 by Catherine

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    New York Post: Wal-Mart Vogues into Mag

    By HOLLY M. SANDERS New York Post August 24, 2005— Vogue is mixing mass with class in its glossy pages. The magazine is running ads for huge discount retailer Wal-Mart alongside upscale designers such as Gucci , Oscar de la Renta and Roberto Cavalli. The Wal-Mart ads are the latest sign that Vogue is lowering [...] Read More

    August 25, 2005 by Catherine