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    Schick Quattro for Women: Product Review

    What: Christiana takes the Schick Quattro, $9.19, for a test drive in the shower. Four thin blades, two conditioning strips, and a promise that you can “skip a day or two.” [...] Read More

    July 8, 2007 by TBF

  • Payless Scores Alice + Olivia

    Who: Stacey Bendet, the designer behind alice + olivia, will be designing a collection of shoes for Payless.  Prices of the shoes will be in the $20/$30 range. What the fashion heads say: from Pierce Mattie: Though the designer reportedly hasn’t even started sketching yet, she predicts that the designs will include brightly colored ballet [...] Read More

    July 7, 2007 by TBF

  • Oprah Opens Boutique

    Who: Oprah (do I really need to explain any more?) What: Opening a boutique to sell Oprah branded items and other stuff, right across from her Chicago studio. What the fashion heads say: from StyleDash: “The store will be full of Oprah-logo merchandise such as totes and workout gear that are already for sale online [...] Read More

    July 6, 2007 by TBF

  • Beauty

    How to Get A $100 Facelift

    What: Non surgical face lifts done at your local hair salon as seen on that pillar of news television, Access Hollywood. How: The tension from four, tightly braided and strategically placed small cornrows (near temple, near brow),  “lifts” the area around your cheeks, eyes and forehead. What the fashion heads say: $100 for a non-surgical [...] Read More

    July 6, 2007 by TBF

  • Fashion + Style

    The Rise of the Celebrity Fashion Line

    There’s a recent trend threatening to take over the hearts and minds of Americans. This is a threat so prominent, so pervasive that it may cause a fundamental rift in our delicate relationship with our closets. It’s the rise of the celebrity “designed” fashion line. Sarah Jessica Parker, Jacqueline Smith, Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Daisy [...] Read More

    July 5, 2007 by TBF