Five Great Tummy Control Swimsuits

A little muffin top shouldn’t spoil your fun in the sun. After all, you should be able to have your cake (or ice cream, or funnel cake, or sno-cone…) and eat it too. If you’ve got a little extra in the mid-section, don’t let it get to you. Even in a swimsuit, you can hide your tummy pudge in one of these slimming styles.

1. The Tankini
While it fits a little looser at the midsection than a one-piece, a tankini will cover up those wobbly bits you’re not so proud of while still letting you show off the parts you love. To really keep things under control, pair it with high-waisted bikini bottoms. No one will know your bottoms rise practically to your belly button, and you won’t have to feel insecure about your tummy.

Miracle Bra Tankini and High Waist Bottom Five Great Tummy Control SwimsuitsMiracle Bra Tankini and High-Waist Bottom, $48 and $28, Victoria’s Secret

2. The One-Piece
It’s the classic tummy-hiding suit, and it’s gotton sexier in recent years. Thanks to designers who’ve started catering to fuller-figured fashionistas, you can find some fabulously trendy, chic and head-turning suits. Find one with a waistline and you’ve hit the jackpot of slimming swimwear.

Cheap Monday Oksana Swimsuit Five Great Tummy Control Swimsuits Cheap Monday Oksana Swimsuit, $55, Revolve Clothing

3. The Swimdress
Similar to the one piece in its total-tummy-coverage, the swimdress is just plain adorable. Rock one of these at the beach and you’ll look like you’re covering up to by stylish, not to hide your pudge. In something this comfy with this much coverage, you’ll be the most secure girl at the beach, not to mention one of the cutest.

Coco Rave Bandeau Swimdress Five Great Tummy Control SwimsuitsCoco Rave Bandeau Swimdress, $94, Bloomingdales

4. The High-Waist Suit
No, this swimsuit will not make you look like your grandma, unless of course you’re trying to channel her golden days as a flirty beach bunny back in the day. Make a high-waist suit stylish instead of frumpy by opting for a retro look. And who would of thought hiding your love handles could be so much fun?

Bathing Beauty Two Piece in Red Five Great Tummy Control SwimsuitsBathing Beauty Two Piece Swimsuit, $90, Modcloth

5. The Monokini
Not all monokinis are created equal, so don’t assume that the inch and a half of thin fabric connecting the top and bottom of a certain suit are going to keep your tummy in check. Some monokinis, though, are made with more fabric in the waist, so they’ll prevent some of that giggle while you’re splashing around. If you’re covering just a little pudge (read: food baby) and don’t need total coverage, this is the suit for you.

Brigitte Bailey Sassa Monokini Five Great Tummy Control SwimsuitsBrigitte Bailey Sassa Monokini, $65, Zappos