The Ten Classic Pieces That Should be in Every Closet

Dear Budget Fashionista,

What are the classic pieces that are a must have for my closet?

Answer: The key to build any wardrobe is to first know your personal style. Why is this important? Well, it will help guide you as to where to focus your shopping dollars as you will only purchase items that you will actually wear, rather than what’s in style. In my book, How to Be a Budget Fashionista: The Ultimate Guide to Being Fabulous For Less, I devote a whole section to helping you uncover your own personal style.

Now, in regards to what you should actually purchase, check out this post I wrote several years ago about creating a functional closet . In this post, I list the ten items every woman must have in her closet, including: a great black suit, black dress, tote bag, a tailored white shirt, and a pair of jeans. The goal is to find versions of these ten items that fit into your own personal style. So, if your style is more urban, you would choose a pair of skinny legged jeans or if you work in a casual environment, you would choose a suit that is more casual than someone who works in a bank.

pictured: Women’s Classic Button Front Shirt, $24.50, Old Navy

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