Six Tips for Getting the Most Out of After Christmas Sales

Post-holiday hoopla is a great time to go shopping because the sales are some of the best you’ll see all year. But getting genuinely good deals takes some thought, some pre-planning and, of course, a careful review of TBF’s Six Tips for Getting the Most Out of After Christmas Sales.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of After-Christmas Sales

1. Do Your Homework – When preparing to take on the after season sales, it’s always a good idea to research and strategize ahead of time. Check out a few of your favorite stores’ websites to narrow down what you’re looking for. Now, bear in mind that everything that’s available on the site may not necessarily be in the store (or it may have sold out by the time you get there). They may not have the exact long-sleeve lace top you saw online, but they may have an alternative that works just as well. Nonetheless, it’ll help you to make a list.

2. Hit the Department Stores First – Since department stores occupy so much real estate, they need more inventory to fill all those racks and shelves. Logically, they will, therefore, have more goods leftover after the holiday rush. The more they have left, the more they need to clear out to make room for when their Spring/Summer merch begins to arrive (which can be as early as late January!). As such, they have better all around sales. Plus it’s possible you can do all your shopping under one roof, giving you more time to enjoy your extra-whip-no-foam-cinnamon-soy-cap (or whatever)!

3. Think Outside the Box – Your celebrations may have only just come to an end, but it would be wise to take full advantage of the plentiful store markdowns by doing some pre-shopping for next holiday season. It might feel like a challenge to think that far ahead, but it’s actually the perfect time to pick up some goodies well in advance of next year. Think about it: you’ve probably just spent an inordinate amount of time with your nearest and dearest, so you’ll be well tuned in to what they might need. And whatever Santa didn’t bring them this year, you can secretly score for them now. When next holiday season comes around, won’t that be a lovely surprise?

4. Out of Season is a Great Reason! A little known industry secret is that when many stores gear up for their blowout post holiday sales, they frequently seize the opportunity to try and sell whatever Summer/Pre-Fall pieces they may have left in their stockrooms. So, even though the last thing you can possibly imagine is lying on a beach in a bikini (either because it’s a million degrees below zero or because you – like the majority of us – indulged in one too many tasty treats over the holidays), if you find a killer two-piece at a phenomenal discount, snag it now! Come July, you’ll be so glad you did.

5. Be Early and Be Random – Though it may not be easy to schedule, the best time to shop, especially in the post-holiday madness, is right when the store opens and, preferably, on a random Monday or Tuesday. Stores are often quiet (read: empty) first thing in the morning and you won’t find massive lines at 2 o’clock on a Tuesday either. If work prevents you from shopping at these times and you are forced to go on the weekend, we suggest the opposite. Go later in the day, the closer to dinnertime the better! Hopefully, everyone else will be getting ready to eat while you’ll be getting ready consume some sweet, sweet deals!

6. A Bargain is Not Always What It Seems… This last and most important piece of advice we can offer you cannot be stated strongly enough (but we’re going to try by writing it in bold): Just because it’s 75% off does not mean you have to buy it. We love an amazing sale as much as the next fashionista (probably more!), but if you’ll never wear it/already have three, please, we implore you, don’t be blinded by the light of a highlighted slashed sale price. If that chartreuse sequined pantsuit that’s just a titch too small is going to be abandoned at the back of your closet never to see the light of day, you’re just as well to throw your money out the window. We don’t care how good the deal seems to be – it ain’t no deal if you’re never gonna wear it.

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